500% Increase in Call Capacity -
100 Fold Reduction in Jitter

ViBE cures the inefficiencies in IP-voice data. With ViBE, voice data overhead is almost eliminated without compression. The result is crystal clear: a greater density of voice calls can be delivered over low-cost data links without the associated reliability and quality compromises of the past. Deliver a better service to your customers: become a ViBE reseller or a ViBE-enabled service provider today.

Bonding Beyond Belief!


Bonding data circuits is nothing new, but the promise has never lived up to the reality. ViBE can bond data circuits for additional throughput without the overhead or packet issues experienced with MLPPP. In addition, ViBE's unique RAIN mode solution cures packet loss almost entirely, sending duplicate data down a pair of links, ensuring that error sensitive applications such as Citrix, IP-voice and telnet deliver optimum performance. With ViBE failover times between circuits is usually less than one second, ensuring continuous uptime for your business-critical applications.

Supercharge your Cloud Apps

Cloud Supercharged

The cloud presents a great opportunity to leverage economies of scale and reduce infrastructure costs. But for many, the dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Packet loss and inconsistent performance can ruin both the user experience and the ability for a cloud app to perform. In extreme cases databases can be corrupted and information lost.

With RAIN mode from ViBE, duplicate data is sent across mirrored data circuits ensuring all data reaches its destination. Time sensitive apps such as Citrix perform better as ViBE's enhanced byte level QoS further ensures critical data always goes first without the need to wait for other larger packets. ViBE can prioritise your business apps so they always perform at their optimum level.

Scalability of infrastructure


ViBE scales with your IP-voice and data capacity requirements. If you need more speed or resilience, simply add another data connection and have ViBE bond it with your existing connectivity.

Vendor Agnostic

ViBE can work in any vendor environment. Either add ViBE hardware behind existing internet hardware or replace with a ViBE-enabled router.

Allay Security Concerns

ViBE can encrypt all data in the ViBE tunnel, either between corporate sites or to the service provider.

Enterprise-level circuit features
without the price tag


All ViBE-enabled data connections use our unique, byte level QoS and also have advanced bandwifont-size:14px;dth monitoring – in real terms this means that ViBE can dynamically manage your available bandwidth and accurately apply QoS regardless of network contention. In addition, ViBE adds resiliency to your data connectivity by allowing you to combine multiple circuit types – for example, you could use up to four ADSL circuits for primary internet connectivity with ISDN2 for failover. Deployed in this fashion ViBE can deliver internet uptimes that rival ethernet services for a fraction of the cost. In addition, ViBE’s RAIN mode allows you to duplicate data across multiple links, almost eliminating data packet loss.

ViBE routers offer features such as quad bonding and byte level QoS for less than half the list price of some competitive solutions.

Bi-directional, Byte-level QoS


ViBE delivers bi-directional QoS over low cost data circuits. Usually, QoS-enabled services command a significant premium, putting them out of budget for many customers. ViBE's byte level QoS provides superior performance and efficiency compared with standards-based, packet-level QoS.

Deliver a higher quality customer experience


As ViBE prioritises and optimises IP-voice traffic, calls made over a ViBE-enabled network are delivered with optimal clarity. Call quality isn't compromised and businesses can be confident their customers have an enhanced call experience.

Confidently deploy IP-Voice services now


Connect to a SIP service provider to take advantage of the additional feature benefits of IP-Voice and the lower call rates on offer. With ViBE, IP-voice delivers upon its promises of a richer call experience and a better range of advanced features for businesses.

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