ViBE 200 Series Routers

ViBE P2PB-203

The ViBE 200 series router is a full-functioned internet gateway router for businesses and is ready for connection to a ViBE-enabled service provider. The 200 series can also be used as a branch office router in enterprise deployments of ViBE.

The 200 series routers feature 3 Ethernet ports. Typically these would be configured in a 1x LAN and 2x WAN arrangement, that would allow 2 discrete WAN connections. The 200 series can also address multiple ADSL modems off a single Ethernet WAN port, which means solutions such as bandwidth stacking of multiple circuits can be achieved by simply plugging a bank of ADSL modems connected to a switch to the ViBE router's WAN port.

With the ViBE 200 series routers, you can create a secure, bandwidth optimised solution for your business and take advantage of enhanced IP-voice call quality and up to a 500% increase in IP-voice call capacity.

ViBE Dual Link 303 Router

ViBE Dual Link 303

The ViBE Dual Link 303 router had been designed to take full advantage of ViBE bonding's (bandwidth stacking) functionality. The 2 x ADSL ports at the back of the 303 router mean that this is all the hardware required to bond two ADSL lines together.

ViBE's unique RAiN mode is also fully supported by the Dual link 303, giving your voice and data packets an extra level of resiliency (critical for VoIP or real-time applications). Utilising RAIN mode reduces almost all packet loss (for data & voice). As packets are mirrored over duplicate circuis, any dropped packets are simply recovered by the corresponding duplicate data packet.

ViBE 500 Series Routers

ViBE Dual Link 303

Building on the robust feature set of the ViBE 200 series routers, the ViBE 500 series router offers additional features and functionality for enterprise deployments over multi-site WANs as well as added hardware resiliency by offering hardware failover.

Use a pair of ViBE 500 series routers to connect to your service provider for ViBE-enabled services and build additional resiliency into your data services by using hardware failover. When combined with multiple data circuits, a pair of resilient 500 series routers can ensure your business will almost always stay connected.

Additionally, the ViBE 500 series router can act as a central point in a ViBE multi-site WAN deployment, bringing the advantage of a fully managed multi-site, bandwidth-optimised WAN into your IT management framework.

ViBE 600 Series Head End Router

ViBE Dual Link 303

Depending on the deployment model, the ViBE head end device is installed at either the service provider data centre, corporate head office or at one end of a point-to-point link. The head end device is a routing-concentrator that consolidates all ViBE traffic and offers the option to encrypt ViBE tunnels, have a stateful packet inspection firewall, SNMP traffic monitoring and policy-based routing or dynamic routing via BGP or OSPF for automatic injection of ViBE customer routes into the backbone network.

ViBE 500 Series VMware Router

ViBE Dual Link 303

Virtualise ViBE in your data centre with the ViBE 500 series VMware router.

The same software image that runs on the SPS-503 is available for VMware environments. This allows virtualised deployment options for service providers and enterprise. The 500 series VMware router gives all the functionality of ViBE's hardware-based solutions with the flexibility of VMware. Virtualised services are easy to deploy and provide a saving over purchasing dedicated hardware.

This version of the software supports up to 200 simultaneous calls.

Datasheet Coming Soon

ViBE Hardware Feature Matrix

Model type SPS-601 SPS-503 P2PB-203
Number of ethernet Ports 6 3 3
Port type Gigabit 10/100 10/100
RS232 Console port yes yes yes
IPsec support yes yes yes
Vlan tagging support yes yes yes
SNMP monitoring yes yes yes
ViBE web interface yes yes yes
SSH console yes yes yes
Flexible routing policies yes yes yes
Flexible NAT policies yes yes yes
Supports VRRP yes yes yes
Supports ViBE link bonding yes yes yes
Supports multiple link redundancy yes yes yes
Controls number of permissible RTP channels yes yes yes
Byte level QoS yes yes yes
G711 transcoding support yes yes yes
SIP busy signalling when RTP limit reached yes yes yes
Can be remotely provisioned no no yes
Can provision other ViBE devices yes yes no
SIP re-direct support yes yes yes
Max number of concurrent RTP channels 3000 150 150

Other devices with embedded ViBE

ViBE enabled firmware images are available for certain devices manufactured by third-party vendors. ViBE functionality is dependent on the underlying hardware. In addition to the devices above, there are ViBE firmware variants available for the following third-party devices:

  • Netgear DG834GT
  • Netgear DGN3500
  • Netgear DGN2200 V3
  • Mikrotik RB750
  • Billion 7300NX
  • VBX-ipbx
  • Far South Networks Runway X.1

In the case of ViBE being installed on a third-party device a separate licence is required to activate ViBE on that device.


If you are using ViBE-enabled services from your service provider, they will manage this licensing without you needing to license your ViBE-enabled device separately. For other deployments, ViBE is licensed based on the number of data tunnels deployed and the number of simultaneous calls that need to be supported.